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Miruru first debut in Episode 6 and is in love with Marie. She is the computer intelligence hologram for Mizuho's mom or sister's ship. Unlike Marie's playful and clumsy nature, Miruru is very hostile and deadly (due to being used by her user, Maho), and also somewhat a combatant creature. Miruru has the ability to hover in the air and shoot lasers from her eyes quickly, leaving the huge explosions after it hits the ground (Unlike the first debut it only leaves a small burnt hole on the pillar). But Miruru is originally kind, relaxed, and calm yet very flirty seen towards Marie and ends up hugging him at the end of the episode where she first appeared. She appeared again in Episode 7 alongside Maho, Miruru became cold and follows orders without a question and start attacking Kei by firing lasers and continues until it knocks Kei unconsciously, but Miruru ends up overdoing it. After the climax, Miruru meets Marie once again and sitting together in love, later she left in the spaceship, much to Marie's dismay and sheds a huge tear.

She made her final appearance in Episode 13, where she shows more affection towards Marie. In the next event, Miruru is kidnapped with Mizuho's mother and Kei but she attempted to reunite with Marie. Miruru blushes as she glances at Marie while she was lying on the bed, awaits to have sex with him but both ends up falling off the bed together in love even after they landed on the ground without feeling any harm.

She appeared in Marie's Love Theater, which she starts off sitting on the bed facing Marie as they are blushing at each other inside the doll house. Miruru still blushes while the stressed Marie tries to approach and show her how he feels. The two use the apparatus to attach together as they turn around, accelerating the more they walk around until Marie falls off, dizzy, and fails.

She is identical to Marie but more distinguish features, wearing a lavender gown with a purple ribbon and a hoodie, she is always seen holding a star wand, making her an appearance of a fairy.